About Us

Welcome to Beer House, your neighborhood pit-stop for great food, awesome drinks and friendly crew. Beer House is the newest addition from the company that has brought you News Café. When it comes to bar hopping, most of us spend our time in pursuit of a couple of things–perfectly poured beer or choice company. But first and foremost is the ursuit of a place you can call your local. A place somewhere in your neighborhood that has reasonably priced drinks, is within stumbling distance of home, and where everyone knows you.


Beerhouse is your new local neighborhood pub where you don't have to stick out your chest or wave a large bill to catch a bartender's eye so he can harass you for 20 minutes before pouring an overpriced cocktail. The crowd at Beer House is a diverse mix of people living in the neighborhood, expats, college /management students and urban professionals.


Beer House is a warm, comfortable, modern, casual pub that is inviting. The seating is casual and we have a large bar where you can hang out with your extended family of friends.

Beer House food menu includes a fusion of Indian/Asian/Continental comfort food that are priced to be easy on your wallet. Beer House also boasts of a wide selection of brick oven artisanal pizzas. Beer House also serves pub lunch everyday priced at Rs175 that comes with a glass of beer or a soft drink.


Beer House drinks menu includes selection of beers, a mix of seasonal cocktails made from fresh fruit, and large variety of spirits. Beer House has happy hours Monday through Friday from 12.00 PM to 7.00 PM.

Beer House is a place where you can relax with your friends; make new friends, and most of it ………call it your home. Beer House is your neighborhood pub where you can walk in with your flip-flops and have a great time without worrying about dress code and cheesy entry restrictions.


Come, make Beer House your House !!!